Final Rehearsal in Al-shams Theater

For young people in Jordan, whose talents lie in performing arts, there is often one major factor that disrupts their ability to create: a massive lack of opportunity, within the educational sector, and within the working field.

In direct response to the needs and wants – such as artistic presentation, education and collaboration – of Jordan’s dance community, INTERNATIONAL DANCE ENCOUNTER AMMAN(IDEA) is born to support and promote independent artists and art projects.

It is at the heart of IDEA’s mission to help launching the careers of local dancers and choreographers by creating a vibrant environment in which dancers, choreographers, musicians, designers collaborate to produce unique, challenging and diverse works.

IDEA is organized and curated by Studio 8, partnering with local, regional and international organizations.

After nearly 30 rehearsals, Studio 8 is ready to present Wujoud wa Hodoud to Jordanian audience in Al Shams Theater at the third day of IDEA. The dance piece has been created and choreographed by Studio 8’s artistic director, Abd Al Hadi Abunahleh who said dance brings communities together and creates legends.

He continues “this piece carries the hopes and dreams of a generation of young Arab performing artists of Jordanian, Palestinian heritage living in Amman. “

It is notable that Wujoud wa Hodoud went from a duet for non-theatre space to full-length theatre piece of 8 performers with original sound score of local writer, producer Zaid Sajdi and light design of awarding winning Czech artist Jiří Šmirk.

In its 50 months’ development, a team of more than 50 artists (dancers, choreographers, designers and composers, production personals ensure the construction, support and facilitation of aspects of the work, administration personals manage and coordinate the day-to-day operation, etc.) have been working together and through in-progress presentations, participating in festivals from home and abroad, Wujoud wa Hodoud reached more than 1500 audiences.

The images are taken by Mohammad Emad at Al-shams Theater with dance artists Anas Nahleh, Emran Alamareen, Mohammad Qattan, Amer Ibrahim Dhman, Daniel issa, Omar Murra, Jalal Abu Khadejeh, Mahmoud Ahmad, sound artist Zaid Sajdi , light designer Jiří Šmirk during their final run-through.

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