“Wujoud wa Hodoud” performed in IDEA festival

INTERNATIONAL DANCE ENCOUNTER AMMAN(IDEA) is a dance encounter of international and local dance performances in Amman, Jordan.

International choreographers, performance directors and dance-makers join with Jordanian dance artists for a cultural celebration from the period of 22 August to 29 August 2019.

For 2019, the 1st edition of IDEA presents 9 cutting-edge dance works from home and abroad, including 46 artists coming from 18 different countries.

Among them, there are two original local productions produced by Studio 8 in collaboration with installation, sound, and light artists from France, Czech Republic and Iran.

Wujoud wa Hodoud is the first local production to be performed. Here are some reviews from audiences.

Sometimes European dancers forget why they dance. Dancers in Jordan remind them what dance really is. There is nothing pretentious of this piece. It is very honest. You can see dancers are giving everything they to the performance. You can see that they really love dance. Sometimes your give everything you have to your first piece.

—– a dance artist

You should present your piece in Europe. There is media war perhaps against Arab culture. You should let them see what real Arab people are. Arab people are human, are doing great.

—— a musician, performer

It is perfect. The transition is especially good. It is all about details. It is done well. I don’t like something predictably. Each choreography looks like it is promptly cut.

—– a choreographer, performer
  • Location: Al-shams Theater, Amman, Jordan
  • Date & Time: 2019-08-24 08:00 PM – 09:00 PM
  • Concept/Director: Abd Al Hadi Abunahleh
  • Choreographer: Anas Nahleh
  • Dance: Anas Nahleh, Emran Alamareen, Mohammad Qattan, Amer Ibrahim Dhman, Daniel issa, Omar Murra, Jalal Abu Khadejeh, Mahmoud Ahmad Original Score: Zaid Sajdi
  • Light Designer: Jiří Šmirk
  • Photography: Mohammad Emad, Orestis Alexiadis

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