“In the Margin” Festival performance(6/28/2018)

Title: “Wojoud Wa Hodoud”

Implementation agent’s Name: Studio 8

Short Description: It is a duet dance creation created by two local dance artists, driven by the embracement of the multi-identity of their nature and the reconciliation of their feelings about their heritage. Notably, the dance making is independent from music. As a result, in performance, with experimental sounds and audio noises produced live with the dance movements, music is neither followed or rejected by the movements. The indeterminate or ‘chance’ aspect of the work is also explored as the performers dance through “sculptures” created by the manipulation of light and shadows in the performing space.

Project component:

Main body

1)A dance performance

2)A large scale three-dimensional immersive work as the performance setting

3)An small scale art installation of the same concept from a different perspective

Additional component

4)A talk

5)A booth* (optional)

In the design process of the set, techniques including learning from performance art, cardboard modelling, 3D modelling are used. After performer experience evaluation, further experimentations with material and technology were conducted, allowing more engagement and the possibility of designing choreographic sequences of light and shadow.

Full-length: 35 minutes

Date:June 28 2018 20:00-20:300 

Location: National Gallery of Fine Arts, Amman, Jordan 

Description: Duet with a fiber optic Installation 

Performer: Abd Al Hadi Abunahleh, Anas Nahleh

Sound Assistant: Asem Abu Sham

Organized by the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, FACTORY is an open platform on contemporary art, innovation, and research. FACTORY is born to go beyond the walls of the museum and find ways of initiating dialogue and actively participate in the community. FACTORY is a platform for creation and innovation at the service of cultural and social advocates, artists, producers, directors, associations, and citizens. ——-DR. ROCÍO VILLALONGA Factory director/curator

Studio 8 presented “Wojoud Wa Hodoud” in the “FACTORY –In the Margin” festival in 2018. Along with the live performance, Studio 8 has also presented one fiber-optic installation, and an artistic talk.

The live performance was performed on the 28th the June. A talk followed on the 4th July. Three art installations are exhibited in the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts from 27/06/2018 – 30/11/2018.

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